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There are many excellent sources for learning more about the flowers that grow on Lake Superior's coast.

Following are a few I've found especially helpful:

Andy’s Northern Ontario Wildflowers        

Minnesota Wildflowers                                

New England Wildflower Society               

Rare Species Guide, Minnesota DNR        


Wildflowers of the BWCA and the North Shore 

by Mark Sparky Stensaas and Rich Kollath

         (Duluth, MN: Kollath & Stensaas Publishing, 2003)


Anderson, Chel and Abdelheid Fischer. "Hay Pickers and Grass Gatherers: Botanical Exploration along the

Lakeshore." North Shore: A Natural History of the Minnesota Superior Coast. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2015, 333-348.

Given, David R. and James H. Soper. "The Arctic-Alpine Element of the Vascular Flora at Lake Superior."

National Museums of Canada. Publications in Botany, No. 10, 1981.

Larson, B.M.H and S.C.H. Barrett. Reproductive Biology of Island and Mainland Populations of Primula

mistassinica (Primulaceae) on Lake Huron shorelines. Canadian Journal of Botany 76, 1998.

Nature Gate. Knotted Pearlwort, Sagina nodosa.

Nyman, Yvonne. "The Pollen-Collecting Hairs of Campanula (Campanulaceae). I. Morphological Variation

and Retractive Mechanism" and II. Function and Adaptive Significance in Relation to Pollination.”American Journal of Botany. Vol. 80 (12), 1993.

Penskar, M.R. Special Plant Abstract for Sagina nodosa (pearlwort). Michigan Natural Features

Inventory. Lansing, MI, 2008.

Penskar, M.R. and J.A. Hansen. Special Plant Abstract for Pinguicula vulgaris (butterwort). Michigan Natural

Features Inventory, Lansing, MI, 2009. 

Soper, James H., Edward G. Voss, and Kenneth E. Guire. “Distribution of Primula mistassinica in the Great

Lakes Region.”The Michigan Botanist. Vol. 4, 1965.

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