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Born in the United States to Swedish parents, I spent my childhood moving between suburban Long Island, N.Y., and Sweden, where my family lived in the port city of Gothenburg and spent summers at an inherited cottage on the coast. By the time we moved back to Sweden a third time when I was seventeen, I wasn’t sure on which side of the ocean I belonged. A year later, I returned for good to the United States. I rarely thought of Sweden for two decades, until I began to revisit the cottage and reclaim a nearly forgotten language and part of memory and self.


In The Midsummer Sun: Memories from Sweden, I share my experience growing up American and Swedish and reflect on the deep sense of grounding that my returns to Sweden brought. Anna's Summer in Sweden, a picture book based partly on childhood memories, tells the story of a young girl who travels from the United States to visit her grandmother in a cottage on the Swedish coast one summer.

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