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Round-leaved Sundew

Drosera rotundifolia

Sundews favor the moist, mossy edges of large rock pools on coastal ledges. These tiny, sun-loving plants produce stark white blossoms with five round petals and green sepals. The blossoms open at the top of a nodding stem that rises from the center of a small rosette of round leaves. Stiff red hairs capped by sticky, dew-like drops help the leaves snare insects to feed the plant.

One sunny July day, I saw a flowering sundew by a pool on a sloping ledge. The entire rosette was only three inches wide, and the stem some four inches tall. Other sundews grew nearby, but none were in bloom. A round-leaved sundew flowers only a short time. If not for the tiny white flower, I would have passed the sundews by. 

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